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The Ellevate community can help you figure out what you actually want from work, get ahead in your career, and to be a positive influence for change in your team and company. We create safe spaces where you can be honest about work - and get validation, perspective, and actionable advice that you need. These are people who you can trust, who understand what you’re going through, and who genuinely want to help you succeed.

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If you have a group of people you can count on, you can conquer anything. We can't wait to introduce them to you. Different tiers of membership and access for ambitious, professional women in the US and internationally.



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Corporate Partnerships

No need to reinvent the wheel — tap into a proven employee engagement model that works. Ellevate partners with companies of all sizes and across industries. Discounted membership packages are available.

A Community of Professional Women

Helping You Succeed

Corporate Squads

Our 12 week, intimate and bespoke peer mentoring program for diverse companies in the USA and globally. Corporate Squads has been used to alleviate problems ranging from increasing the efficacy of DEI problems to promoting from within and generally improving employee morale and engagement.

Learn How to Retain Your Most Valuable Employees In A Hot Job Market

In a job market that’s increasingly competitive to hire the best employees, Ellevate Network shares best practices for a work culture that embraces employee autonomy, empathy, alignment of company-employee values and priorities. Learn more about how our Corporate Squads program helps companies achieve their goals, ranging from increasing internal promotions to being consistently purpose-driven.

Ellevate 101

New to Ellevate Network? Welcome! Join us for a chat with members of the team to learn how Ellevate provides a community of people who understand and who can relate to your unique work challenges.

Virtual Roundtables

Weekly one-hour opportunities to learn about the topics of most interest to you, depending on if you’re an Executive, Rising Leader, or Entrepreneur. Take a deep dive with subject matter experts into hot topics ranging from defining the future of purpose to how to build a team culture that encourages allyship, and product development for services businesses.

Squads, Our Peer Mentoring Program

Ellevate Squads are small, diverse, and trusted groups of peers. For one hour, over 12 weeks, you’ll learn from each other’s stories and decide what to do next. Squads happens twice a year: in the fall and spring. Our Fall application cycle is opening next week. Click below to learn more about Squads and how to apply.