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Pure Creative Arts + Hold My Heart Impact Hub

Pure Creative Arts is a nonprofit organization that creates a safe space for you to talk about your life and receive support as you wrestle with difficult issues. 

On this page, you can connect to trained mentors and find creative resources designed to support your mental health! Simply navigate through all of the curated solutions below, and access them by clicking on any of the links accompanying them.

If you’re a donor or potential investor, there are a couple options just for you below! We couldn’t do what we do without the generous individuals who make our work possible.

Find A Mentor

If you’re in need of a safe person to talk to, you can reach out to us on the Pure Creative App. Simply follow this link to the app, click on the “Need to Connect” button and someone from the Pure Creative Team will follow up with you!



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Tell Your Story

If you’re interested in exploring how to tell your own story, check out CREATE on the Pure Creative App. This online workshop features Broadway and Hollywood artists who will help you find creative ways to tell your story!


We’re currently working on a live chat feature that will allow you to chat with a trained mentor via the Pure Creative App. 

Check back soon for more updates!

Meet Tamsin

If this is your first time engaging with Pure Creative Arts, we’d love for you to meet CEO & Founder Tamsin Evans. Click below to find out more about Tamsin’s story and why she founded Pure Creative Arts!

Follow & Connect

Come follow us on Instagram and stay up to date on all the fantastic new ways Pure is engaging with the mental health conversation!

Support Teen Wellbeing

Approximately 65% of the teens we work with are interested in mentorship. Join the cause with a financial gift as we seek to provide mentorship and mental health support to teens.



Invest In Us

Contact us about investing in the creation of more original content with Pure Creative’s partner — Sunshine and Fire Productions.


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