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SOCAP22 aims to move us more urgently toward radical collaboration, recognizing that we need each other to resist and repair global injustices, address the climate crisis, and build better systems for all.

On this page, you'll find inspiring opportunities to dive more deeply into solutions related to this year’s themes. 

The Ups & Downs Of ESG Investing

Bloomberg Senior Markets Editor John Authers discusses the good and bad of ESG investing, taking a look at its history and future.







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Discover Your Truth

In conversation with leaders from all walks of life who have overcome some of life’s greatest challenges, The Inside Circle Podcast aims to broaden your concept of personal transformation and what it means to lead change from within.

Circular Design Guide

The Ellen Macarthur Foundation has lined up a number of activities to help you understand, define, make, and release circular innovations. Dive in wherever makes most sense for you and your team.

Climate Change Knowledge Portal

Access global data on historical and future climate, vulnerabilities, and impacts from the World Bank Group. Gain deeper insights into climate risks and adaptation actions for key economic sectors.

End Exclusion Now

Join the Valuable 500’s CEOs & companies in committing to disability inclusion at the board level. Reach out to the organization today about becoming a partner or member. 

Join The Largest Community Of Investors

Ejara makes the digital finance ecosystem accessible, offering secure investment and savings in cryptos, fractions of local and international stocks, and more.

Support Equitable Healthcare

Roivant Social Ventures promotes systemic, sustained improvements to the way health care is accessed and delivered. The nonprofit relies on contributions to support early stage biotech companies focused on underserved patient groups. 

Take Action On Food Waste

Ready to eliminate food waste? Here are eight steps you can take to help reduce food waste in your home, community and across the nation.



How Will You Take Action? 

Let us know what inspired you this week and see what steps other individuals and organizations are taking to create a better world!

ESG & Impact Investing: What’s The Difference? 

Unpack the distinction between ESG and impact to make more informed choices and help recruit capital into investments that will make a difference.

Accelerating Movement

Towards A More Just & Sustainable Economy

Is ESG Worth Saving?  

Circles at Lunch Facilitated Lunch Conversations  

Moving Towards Greater Circularity in Textiles  

Do We Need a Second Economy?: How to Think Like a Plant  

Disability as an Asset: Closing the Disability Wealth Gap

Climate Smart Futures: How emerging fintech and Web3 startups are building a new paradigm for climate resilience

Fast, Friendly, and Effective: Disruptive Philanthropy Fueling Equal Opportunity and Entrepreneurship

The Food Revolution's Impact on Climate Change

MemoryKPR Story

Greenwashers Beware: Using ESG for Good, not Evil