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On this page, you’ll learn more about who we are, what we do, and how you can help save the planet by partnering with Sankari Studios.

Our Mission

Sankari Studios is launching "KATOA", a revolutionary mobile gaming platform that allows anyone with a smartphone to have a real-world impact.

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Our Story

With the global market of mobile gaming exploding, we are seizing the opportunity to rapidly engage billions to mitigate climate change — from raising awareness and learning to direct impact, activism and funding solutions.

Investor Deck

Sankari Studios is seeking collaborations with anyone interested in making a Return on Humanity. In tandem, we are building a valuable company with a global onramp to MetaNature, Web 3 adoption and NFTs.

Gamify Climate Education & Mitigation 

Get a sneak preview of how players can learn and conserve with KATOA, an immersive gaming and educational learning space focused on the world’s eco-systems, climate literacy and climate equity.  

Charitable Partnership Opportunities

As a mission-driven Public Benefit Corporation, we have several charitable funding opportunities tied to the development of KATOA educational and scientific game spaces, future biomes, as well as underwriting causes and solutions. 

Brand Sponsorship Opportunities 

There is a huge opportunity for brands to leverage mobile gaming to build brand affinity, customer loyalty, and drive sales. We offer positive brand exposure, underwriting, and cross-marketing platforms featuring our partners’ commitments to sustainability and magnifying their reach and mission.  

Brands can learn about audiences from showrooming virtual products in-game and gamified data gathering.  

Brand Sponsorship Demo

See what it would look like to have your logo in our game. Our Ford demo is one example in action of how we can integrate brand placement into our game and highlight your impact. 

Partner Impact Hub Example: Ford

Scale and showcase your impact as one of our partners with an Impact Hub. 

Let's Save the World

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Partner Impact Hub Example: Target

Scale and showcase your impact as one of our partners with an Impact Hub.