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Robert Swan, OBE, Polar Explorer “Fragile Beauty”

Beauty, inspiration and action revealed from the first person in history to walk to both the North and South Poles driving Robert to dedicate himself to protecting Antarctica.







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Suchi Reddy, Founder & CEO, “Designing the Future”

Designing a world for beauty, equity, and security is possible. Suchi Reddy shows us how.

Tyler Norris, Well Being Trust

The health of our mind is inseparable from the health of our body and spirit. Let’s transform the health of the nation and improve well-being for everyone.

The Urgency of Now: Strategic Climate Interventions at Scale

Multiple climate solutions are required to drive action in the decisive decade to come – in particular the need for substantial increases in climate finance from the public and private sectors.

Carbon Tracker Research and Advocacy

Carbon Tracker is an independent financial think tank that carries out in-depth analysis on the impact of the energy transition on capital markets and the potential investment in high-cost, carbon-intensive fossil fuels.

Investing for the World We Need

Capital is the fuel to develop and deploy the technologies and infrastructure required to build climate-smart, secure and healthy communities and economies. Major banks, foundations, and family offices worldwide are aligning their assets to meet the climate challenge and to be ESG leaders. Hear from leaders mobilizing resources to build the world we need.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation for the World We Need

Innovations in technology and in business models are enabling the rapid evolution of our economies. How do we drive more innovation, development and deployment of solutions? Hear from innovators and entrepreneurs about their solutions and the role of capital, policy, and consumers in their journey to scale.

Education for the World We Need: A Case Study of Innovation

Arizona State University has placed #1 for innovation over Stanford and MIT for 7 years in a row. How is this university creating the educational system for the world we need? Hear how ASU’s new Global Futures Laboratory will enable students - from undergraduates to executives - to be the innovators and leaders we need.

Accelerating Action for the Decisive Decade

Mark Campanale, Founder & Executive Chairman, "The End Of Oil”

We need to follow the money that fuels petrostates and planetary destruction. Mark is the developer of the 'unburnable carbon' thesis, a method to decarbonize for peace and prosperity.

"The End Of Oil” - Persuading Major Banks to Take Action on Climate Change

BankFWD is a network of individuals and organizations united in the belief that by using our collective wealth and public standing, we can persuade major banks to lead on climate by phasing out financing for fossil fuels.

"The End Of Oil” - Find A Values Based Financial Advisor

ValuesAdvisor is a social initiative that works in partnership with high net worth investor affinity groups to accelerate the flow of money to impact.

Jean Oelwang, President of Virgin Unite, Co-Founder Plus Wonder, Collective Flourishing

Partnerships are at the center of most great achievements, like protecting the ozone hole and ending apartheid in South Africa.  Explore how to build deep connections and collaborations that can change the course of history.

Mark Buckley, Global Renaissance As We Enter the Symbiocence, Founder, ALOHAS Regenerative Foundation

Humanity is recognizing the need for models that work for everyone. Mark shares regenerative economic models being explored globally by International organizations.

Kelsey Cascadia Rose and Christi Cooper, Director Youth v. Gov, Olivia Ahnemann, Producer Youth v. Gov

Do we have a right to a safe environment to enable us to pursue life, liberty and happiness? The young leaders who are leveraging the law and their own voices to build the world we need.

Building the World We Need: Transforming Food and Agriculture

By transforming globalized food and agricultural sectors to be more localized, resource efficient, and climate-smart, food and agriculture can be powerful contributors to resilience and prosperity in economies and communities.

People and Companies Making Change

Mark Brand, A Better Life Foundation

Kate Geagan, Unlock the Potential of Good Food

Building the World We Need: Transforming Energy

Due to rapidly falling prices of clean energy and the demand for climate smart energy systems that are clean and secure in the face of disasters, the world has been rapidly shifting to more localized, cleaner, and more resilient energy systems. It's time to move forward with new infrastructure that may lock in another 20-30 years of production and associated greenhouse gas emissions.

Fed by Blue, Reasonably Sourced Blue Food

Kvaroy Arctic, Leading the Way in Sustainable Aquiculture

Rodale Institute, Expanding Organic Agriculture

Aleph Farms, Meat for Earth

Beth Hooker, Smith College, Energy Transition Case Study

Smith College is working on energy consumption and GHG emissions, while adding renewable generation sources.

Innovation Laboratories

The Forum has a record of sparking new cross-sector collaborations, mobilizing capital towards  action-oriented working sessions where we can work together to drive impact across the key sectors of food and energy.

Fire and Rain: Leaning Into Nature in a Time of Climate Crisis

Carole King, Friends of the Clearwater, and the John Muir Project to explore the climate and biodiversity crisis through two broad environmental forces: fire and water.

Building the World We Need: Investing in Nature

From forests to mangroves, kelp to soil, nature is our best investment, delivering multiple benefits, from mitigating climate change to protection from its impacts, from cleaning our air and water to producing food and shelter. Restoration of our natural systems  mitigates climate change, improves quality of life, and builds prosperity and security.

Financial Risk and Resilience

How data, ESGs, and policies are guiding capital and asset management in a time of climate change. Jay Bruns, Senior Climate Policy Advisor.

Environmental Working Group

The Environmental Working Group is a community 30 million strong, working to protect our environmental health by changing industry standards.

Corporate Leadership for the World We Need

The urgency of our planetary crisis requires leadership from corporations by leveraging their procurement power, political power, marketing heft, and employee engagement to create the world we need. Hear how corporations are aligning their operations and resources to align with the urgency, and what it means for their bottom line in a capitalist economy.

How to Invest in the Circular Economy

The circular economy offers a major opportunity for the financial sector to deliver on climate commitments and other ESG objectives, whilst tapping into sources of new and better growth and long-term value creation.

Good 360

Good360’s mission is to close the need gap. As the global leader in product philanthropy and purposeful giving, we partner with some of the world’s largest corporations to source essential goods and distribute them through our network of diverse nonprofits, supporting people in need to open opportunity for all.

Make the Impossible, Possible: Building the Circular Economy

Join Erin Andrews, Executive Director of Impact Zero, as she talks her way through the circular economy world.

Storytelling for the World We Need

How do we engage and empower everyone to be part of creating the world we need? Hear from award-winning leaders from television, film, advocacy and marketing about the strategies that work!

  • Rhett Ayers Butler, Founder and CEO, Mongabay
  • Geof Rochester, Founder and CEO, GRC Advising
  • Peter Horton, Writer, Director and Producer, Pico Creek Productions
  • Sarah Shanley Hope, VP, Brand + Partnerships, The Solutions Project


Our Cauze Portfolio of nonprofits are the nonprofits that are featured at the 2022 Forum because of their strategic, powerful impact. We invite you to join us in supporting them, learning from them, sharing their stories, and collaborating with them.

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Constructing Resilient Energy Systems: Salmon and Electricity In the Northwest

Nimiipuu Energy, A Tribe-To-Tribe Energy Cooperative

Our Northwest Opportunity, Stop Salmon Extinction

Contact Gongressional reps and the White House to ask for dam breaching and fundamental change in salmon recovery in the PNW

Shoshone Sockeye Teaser

Education for the World We Need: The Julie Ann Wrigley Global Features Laboratory at Arizona State University

Arizona State University has placed #1 for innovation over Stanford and MIT for 7 years in a row, and has just launched its Global Futures Laboratory to enable students - from undergraduates to executives - to be the pioneering innovators and courageous leaders for the world we need

Spark Talk: How We Measure Climate Risk and Opportunities

Dr. Dembo describes his innovative risk management company tackling the multi-faceted challenge of measuring and managing climate financial risk and opportunity.

40% of food goes to waste while 1 in 7 in goes hungry. Food rescue heroes help to end food waste and hunger.