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What if we curated impact media deals like we do other business deals? reGEN media does just that. 

reGEN media is North America's only Indigenous-founded and female-led media impact agency. We will launch the reGEN media impact fund between Fall 2022 and Spring 2023.

On this page, you’ll learn more about how together we can shift the narrative to lift society through the power of regenerative media.

Who We Are

An investment opportunity that goes beyond solving the challenges of today and focuses on shifting our future's narrative, elevating perspectives, and shifting mindsets. reGEN media tells inspiring and transformative stories that infuse hope and heal humanity while delivering target returns. 







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Investor Overview

Are you looking for a well-diversified and de-risked impact investment opportunity? reGEN matches progressive impact investors and game-changing, purpose-driven brands with regenerative media projects that tell inspiring and transformative stories to collectively shift the narrative.

Our Relational Investment Approach

We are shifting the investing dynamic from transactional to relational to achieve impact-first returns through transformation. 

Calling All Conscious Brands

reGEN media is seeking brand advertisers for market research industry interviews regarding priorities and pivots into more progressive advertising practices. 

Innovative Brand Advertising

We are transforming what it means to advertise. reGEN media is replicating the social investing model by calling on brands to use marketing dollars to affect true, deep social change while delivering compelling campaigns and brand benefits. 

We're flipping the advertising industry upside down, and we've build an innovative model to make it happen. 

Brand Legacy Audit Guide

Learn how your brand can leave an inspiring legacy by uplifting its emotional value proposition. Impact-fueled advertising is the way forward. Is your brand ready for the future? 

Join The Movement

Do you feel inspired, moved to act, and ready to support the regenerative media movement? 

Remember when social networking and impact investing were just ideas? Well, that’s where we’re at. Our opportunity to collectively shift our future’s narrative is directly tied to the deliberate choices we make around the media we consume each day.

Tell us what’s inspiring you! Submit a picture, video, voice, or text message about what moves you to action, what actions will you take, or commitments you will make moving forward.  

Partner With Us

Schedule a meeting for one-on-one time with reGEN founder Charlene SanJenko to learn more about reGEN media opportunities for investors. 

Collaborate With Us

Schedule a meeting for one-on-one time with reGEN founder Charlene SanJenko to learn more about reGEN media opportunities for brands.