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Preserving Permafrost

Arctic permafrost is starting to thaw at unprecedented rates—releasing massive amounts of CO2 and methane into the atmosphere which can have a dramatic impact on our planet. One solution? Restoring the grazing ecosystem in the Arctic by rewilding to halt the thaw of permafrost.

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Grounded Impact Hub

Grounded is a philanthropic organization whose mission is to catalyze urgent advancement and amplification of existing Earth-based climate solutions to preserve a livable planet by 2030. On this page you will be able to access information about climate solutions and how you can take action today!

Simply navigate through all of the curated solutions below, and access them by clicking on any of the links accompanying them.



Permafrost Action Toolkit

In order to delay and reverse the thaw of permafrost, it is critical that we collectively reduce our greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible.

Methane Reduction Action Toolkit

Methane, CH4, is a simple gas found in Earth’s atmosphere that contains one carbon molecule and four hydrogen molecules. It occurs in nature and can be generated by human activities. Methane is also a climate pollutant that traps heat in our atmosphere and contributes to global climate change.



Why Delaying Permafrost Thaw is Critical to Our Survival

Enjoy this discussion featuring Arctic researchers, climate solutionists and those who have dedicated their lives to addressing the climate crisis as a means of our survival on September 21, 2021.

Reducing Methane Emissions to Stay Under 1.5°C

One major benefit of reducing methane emissions is that its short atmospheric lifetime means that any action taken now will have rapid impacts on the reduction of global warming, as well as ozone pollution.

Legally Protecting the Planet: A Vital Climate Solution

What if we could ensure the protection of ecosystems and life on this planet, address the climate crisis and prevent biodiversity collapse?



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Mitigating Methane

Methane is a potent climate pollutant emitted by fossil fuels, waste and agricultural activities. Cutting methane is one of the most impactful ways to rapidly reduce the rate of climate change. The use of natural feed supplements for cows is one solution to help us mitigate methane among the 1.5 billion existing cattle.

Criminalizing Ecocide

Our planet is experiencing an unprecedented rate of environmental destruction, which is threatening human and ecosystem health and intensifying climate risks. Legally protecting our planet is a vital climate solution to permanently protect ecosystems, keystone species and biodiversity.

Legal Protection of the Planet Action Toolkit

Honoring nature’s right in courts is emerging as a way to halt environmental destruction and mitigate the climate crisis.

Pleistocene Park

Pleistocene Park is a major initiative that includes an attempt to restore the mammoth steppe ecosystem, which was dominant in the Arctic in the late Pleistocene. The initiative requires replacement of the current unproductive northern ecosystems by highly productive pastures which have both a high animal density and a high rate of biocycling.

Stop Ecocide International

Stop Ecocide International are working, together with a growing global network of lawyers, diplomats, and across all sectors of civil society, towards making ecocide an international crime.



OneUp Action

OneUp Action are an intersectional youth-led organization working to provide resources to youth advocates.

Amazon Frontlines

The Amazon is at a tipping point. If deforestation rates continue unchecked, the world’s largest rainforest will turn into dry savannah in our children’s lifetime.

Stop Ecocide

We call on all governments to declare support for making ecocide an international crime, in the knowledge that many countries must stand together to put this law in place for the long-term protection of all life on Earth.

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