Don’t Just Watch: Women’s History Month Edition

Picture of Julie Davitz
Julie Davitz
female empowerment, financial literacy
March 4, 2022 11:45:00 AM EST


As we close out Black History Month and enter Women’s History Month, I’m grateful to see how leaders around the world are elevating stories and celebrating the important contributions made by women and the Black community. 

But awareness-raising of these achievements only goes so far. At +Media, we’re all about action. 

We work with content creators like the filmmakers of $avvy, a documentary investigating the historical, cultural, and societal norms around women and money, to take viewers beyond that feeling of inspiration.

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The documentary explores why it's important now more than ever for women to take control of their financial futures—and then +Media provides the actual tools to make this happen for viewers. From free educational courses to relevant podcasts to financial services for women, our custom +Impact HubTM captures viewers at the moment of interest and seamlessly guides the audience to a curated engagement experience.  

As we enter Women’s History Month and champion the stories, accomplishments, and ideas of women around the world, I invite you to learn more about how +Media can turn this inspiration into action …