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Do you struggle to find a way to measure action-based KPIs beyond “likes” and “shares”? Does your team spend hours wrestling data out of a maze of technical platforms and synthesizing it into reports for your clients?

With more than 50 years of combined experience in the impact space, we know the challenges marketing agencies face in driving and reporting on impact outcomes.

+Media specializes in turning inspiration into measurable action — and our comprehensive, built-for-you analytics dashboards enable you to report on the outcomes of your campaigns in a simple, meaningful way your clients will understand.

+Media’s custom impact-based solution will save your team time and money. 

The Challenge: A Messy Maze of Tech Platforms

With the myriad components that go into multichannel marketing campaigns — from articles and earned media to paid social campaigns and network outreach — tying together campaign impacts in a comprehensive way is a challenge for even the savviest of agencies.

+Media bridges this gap. We offer a unique, proven way to connect every part of a campaign to impact — and a turnkey way to prove the success of your campaigns to your clients. Integrate all of your campaign’s content, events, landing pages, registration pages and more into one place with a single reporting dashboard — all without additional technical resources.


The Solution: Meet the +Impact Hub

With our user-friendly +Impact Hub™ platform, we distill complex stories in a streamlined way — and connect every element to action. 

When you work with +Media, we’re your partner in designing multichannel action-based campaigns, presenting them in a single streamlined platform, and accessing real-time data in a single analytics dashboard. 

Here’s what we offer:

Consulting and advising on impact campaign design, measurement and evaluation strategy to exponentially increase the impact of your campaigns.
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Designing and implementing custom +Impact Hubs to help bring your campaigns and their impact goals to life.
Tracking engagement for each action on your +Impact Hub so you can understand and adapt to what resonates with target audiences most. 
Delivering real-time data and analytics to help you demonstrate impact to your clients and beyond.

Let’s Prove Your Impact!

Connect your campaign: Our +Impact Hubs easily plug into articles, videos, webinars, events, marketing materials, social media, print materials and more, so you can seamlessly connect audiences to actions and measure the impact of your campaigns.  

Connect with the audience: As we analyze the data via our custom reporting dashboard, we can make shifts and tweaks to optimize performance without significantly altering the user experience, providing a perfect blend of continuity and agility. 

Connect with us! So much time, effort and resources go into creating multichannel campaigns to drive impact. Don't miss the critical moment of inspiration. The +Media team has 50+ years of experience in philanthropy, impact, and sustainability. We’re here to support you!

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