Canvas Rebel — Q&A with +Media Founder and CEO Julie Davitz

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August 30, 2023 4:43:20 PM EDT

Resilience — a prime topic of conversation for +Media Founder and CEO Julie Davitz and Canvas Rebel. They recently sat down to chat about her inspiration for +Media and why impact measurement is so important.

Canvas Rebel - LI Q&A

From being a single mother raising three sons while working full time to initially struggling to find financial support from investors and using her own savings to fund +Media from the ground up, Julie Davitz is no stranger to the concept of resilience. Instead of shying away from challenges, she's faced them head on with innovative solutions. She brings this same innovative mindset when it comes to +Media and impact measurement.

By creating a targeted solution to engagement and measurement in impact marketing campaigns, +Media is changing the game. While traditional industry engagement standards hover around 2%, +Media often records 24% engagement and higher. With the importance of highlighting impactful stories being told worldwide, +Media utilizes its all-in-one technological solutions to help drive audience action at the point of inspiration. 

Check out the full conversation on Canvas Rebel here.

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