Case Study: How +Media Increased WBCSD's Engagement During (And After) An Event

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April 13, 2023 2:37:35 PM EDT

+Media easily plugs into content to engage audiences and consumers around your brand's sustainability narrative or purpose-driven mission. 

Our custom-built +Impact Hub goes beyond traditional campaigns by reaching consumers directly, at the moment of interest, with real impact data and measurement. We enable brands, events, and media to engage their target audiences with purpose-driven actions that achieve campaign goals and strengthen brand loyalty while fostering healthier people and the planet.


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This past February, the impact marketing agency Bark Media enlisted +Media to activate and measure audience engagement for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) session in GreenBiz 23. Thanks to the +WBCSD Impact Hub we created for the event, WBCSD saw significant engagement both during and even after the conference.

“PlusMedia provided an innovative and effective solution for our client working to garner leads around a new climate-related software tool,” said Jessica Kellner, Impact Marketing Strategy and Execution, Founding Partner at Bark Media. “The [+]Media team members were thoughtful partners who were responsive and quick. The end product we launched with [+]Media's support was attractive and professional, and it successfully gathered leads during and after an important client event.”

Below, you’ll read how our proprietary behavioral analytics can offer you powerful data and serve as an extension of your company's mission.

Finding a Solution to Event Engagement

On March 31, 2023, WBCSD released their Energy Climate Scenario Catalogue version 2.0. The Catalogue enables businesses to conduct strategic climate resilience assessments and explore transition pathways. In addition, it outlines the dependencies and uncertainties across various possible temperature and energy system outcomes.

Along with the Catalogue, their Climate Scenario Analysis Reference Approach report expresses the Energy Forum’s rationale, principles, process, and reflections regarding scenario analysis efforts. This work was conducted in response to recommendations from the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD), as well as guidance from the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB), European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), and U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission.

When Bark Media approached us, the agency expressed the need to activate WBCSD’s audience around the organization's presentation at GreenBiz 23 promoting its TCFD Climate Scenario Tool and related resources.

This case study summarizes +Media’s work with the impact marketing agency Bark Media to enable WBCSD’s audience to act during (and after) the GreenBiz 23 conference.

+Media’s Pathway to Audience Engagement

The GreenBiz 23 community harnesses the knowledge of experts, peers, and new voices to help achieve net-zero emissions, advance the circular economy, elevate social justice, safeguard biodiversity, build resilient supply chains, and more.

Guests who attended the event were treated to inspiring keynotes, engaging breakout sessions, and valuable networking opportunities.

Historically, there hasn't been an easy way for individuals to take action if a session has inspired them. +Media’s impact plug-in bridged this gap between interest and effort, seamlessly bringing WBCSD’s session attendees to a +Hub of solutions that generate a positive impact, all with a single click.

And a positive impact is exactly what they saw!

During the conference, 153 of the approximately 200 session attendees scanned the QR code and visited the +Impact Hub. +Media's +Impact Hub also tracked how users interacted with the WBCSD materials. For example, WBCSD saw a 14.4% average engagement rate with the +Impact Hub solutions and a 21.43% engagement rate with their most popular +Hub solution — where audience members could sign up for a self-paced course on the TCFD Climate Scenario Tool.

After the event, WBCSD was thrilled to find that their target audience maintained steady engagement with their +Impact Hub. In the two months since the event, WBCSD has gained 900 additional users of its +Impact Hub and even increased its average and top engagement rates to 17% and 31%, respectively. In total, activated users have taken over 100 actions related to the WBCSD Climate Scenario Tool, including 60 users directly navigating the tool. This remarkable engagement fulfills WBCSD’s goal to promote the use of their new tool and Bark Media’s goal to create an engaging impact marketing initiative for their client, WBCSD.


While we've highlighted just a few aspects of the data we track, it's worth mentioning that when we build an +Impact Hub, we work collaboratively to suggest areas you may want to collect data on. This can include but is not limited to the total number of users visiting the +Impact Hub, how many pageviews there were, the average engagement rate, and how many people shared the +Hub with others.

Disaggregated sustainability and marketing campaign information hinders alignment and productivity. On the other hand, organizing marketing campaigns into a single, centralized +Hub like ours provides a safe source of truth regarding the goals, status, and results of the initiative in question.

The +Impact Hub lets you know what your attendee, audience, or consumer does once inspired. This intel offers concrete data to supplement and inform your marketing strategy effectively.

Whether you are a brand, content producer, event organizer, or agency, +Media can help you drive and measure your impact. Contact us to learn more.