+Media’s Blueprint For Turning Impactful Storytelling Into Positive Action

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April 17, 2024 3:43:00 PM EDT

In current dynamic media landscape, the quest for meaningful engagement is paramount for both content creators and brands. Leading the charge in this realm is +Media Solutions, under the guidance of its visionary Founder, Julie Davitz.

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Exploring the challenges faced by content creators, Davitz emphasized the gap between inspiration and action, “We’ve all been there, we’re watching an inspirational film or video, and thinking YES I want to learn more about that, or I want to get involved. Then we get a text or need to make dinner, and our life intervenes. We never go back to our original, well-meaning motivation to act. The window of opportunity for action quickly closed.”

+Media stands out by revolutionizing engagement. Its +Impact Hub platform goes beyond traditional metrics, empowering content creators and brands to drive real-world action seamlessly. By bridging the gap between inspiration and impact, +Media is reshaping storytelling and fostering genuine connections in a socially conscious world, and enables purpose-driven content to resonate deeply and sustainable brands to forge genuine connections with their audiences.

As Davitz explained,“+Media Solutions, Inc. provides impact strategy, marketing, communications, and measurement to forward-thinking content producers and sustainable brands looking to connect their viewers and consumers to solutions and resources while driving awareness, loyalty, and ROI through purpose and sustainability messaging.”

Its +Impact Hub™ platform is a seamless MarTech plug-and-play that moves inspiration to action, bridging the say/do gap, engaging users at the moment of interest, and measuring concrete impact behavior, without requiring any sign-in or download of an app.

“Filmmakers, sponsors, investors, and brands now can define and understand their impact far beyond ‘likes’ and ‘shares’. Awards and impressions are great, but we need a whole lot more action than a like or a share to accomplish significant positive change,” Davitz stressed.

If social impact entertainment storytelling alone was effective, we’d be living in a very different world right now. And while storytelling is critical to our humanness, we’ve been missing a key ingredient – the easy tools to act on our inspiration.

Using +Media, content creators simply plug in a +Impact Hub™, and viewers seamlessly receive a curated, relevant, contextual ‘menu’ of learn-and-act solutions, aligned with the content topic and the geographic location of the viewer. The viewer takes action at the moment of interest, and the creator/producer directly facilitates key impact goals and receives concrete impact data to share with their sponsors. With an +Impact Hub™, there's no need to download an app or even sign in. Just one click or scan, that’s all it takes to engage viewers, amplify messages, and scale positive social change.

“It’s important for content producers to know the effect they have on their audience. Our collection of anonymous behavioral data proves their impact, which is valuable for sponsors, investors, and the issue they are highlighting. We measure audience behavior to provide detailed, action-oriented impact reporting for current sponsors and future fundraising and campaign efforts,” Davitz noted.

Consumers are ready to be part of the solution. They want brands to act responsibly, and 64% are willing to pay a premium for sustainable brands. However, many brands are unsure how to effectively communicate and leverage their sustainability story. +Media helps brands translate consumer interest into a sustainable purchase by meeting the consumer where they are to reduce friction, engaging consumers with a compelling story, solutions, opportunities, and calls to action, and measuring the results to prove ROI.

Davitz explained, “From any multi-channel platform and at POS, the consumer receives contextual, relevant vetted information. She learns what this brand/product means for her health and her world. Why will this purchase save her money while saving the planet? How will it improve ocean health?”

This form of purpose engagement builds brand trust as well as raises consumer loyalty and retention. Plus Media’s proprietary impact measurement analytics capture customer actions and prove ROI.

Highlighting a recent success story, Davitz shared GRAiNEY PICTURES' remarkable achievement in winning an Anthem Award for their film "UNZIPPED," which shed light on the affordable housing and homelessness crisis in the US. Davitz expressed pride in the impact-driven partnership and its ability to spark real change in society, “We plugged into the film via the UNZIPPED +Impact Hub and brought affordable housing and homelessness resources to the audience. Viewers typed in their zip code and found the solutions they needed in their neighborhood and much more. So gratifying!”

Looking ahead, Davitz outlined +Media's ambitious plans for the future, “Short term, we’re working on many exciting new partnerships with films, brands, events and campaigns. Our long-term vision is to have films, brands, and events embed a +Impact Hub™ into every piece of content, product, or venue that can benefit from positive consumer engagement, any purpose-driven brand campaign that aims for a genuine sustainability-focused relationship, and any purpose-led event that looks to move attendees to action.”

The impact data collected from these projects will inform content producers, brands, and others about what is truly resonating with individuals, guide improvements in their storytelling, and move consumer dollars in a more sustainable direction.

Ultimately, Davitz emphasized, “+Media exists to scale positive, active engagement around solutions that exist, and move the entire world toward a healthier people and planet.”

This article was originally published at Forbes.com.