This Earth Day, Make Real Impact with +Media's Innovative Tools

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May 16, 2024 10:48:40 AM EDT

As Earth Day approaches, it underscores the urgent need for impactful environmental action. Our commitment at +Media is to accelerate progress towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, including SDG 13 (Climate Action) and SDG 15 (Life on Land).

Our +Impact Hubs empower audiences and consumers to take meaningful actions to protect our planet by bringing attention to sustainable brands and impactful social narratives. These +Hubs not only inspire but also facilitate immediate action, perfectly aligning with Earth Day's call for environmental preservation.

Moreover, our advanced impact measurement capabilities capture and report the positive environmental effects of content, events, and brand campaigns, providing concrete data to showcase the real-world impact of sustainability initiatives.

Join us in making every day Earth Day, driving actions that deliver measurable and sustainable outcomes.

Mind the Culture Gap: E+C Pavilion’s COP28 Impact Report

We are excited to share the COP28 Impact Report from the Entertainment + Culture Pavilion, featuring engagement data from their +Impact Hub created by +Media. This report highlights the tangible effects of strategic impact storytelling in the entertainment industry, offering insights into how narratives can drive climate action.

In the News: +Media and Forbes

A recent feature in Forbes highlights the visionary leadership of our CEO, Julie Davitz, and the transformative role +Media plays in the dynamic media landscape. The article, titled “+Media’s Blueprint For Turning Impactful Storytelling Into Positive Action,” delves into our approach to closing the gap between inspiration and action through our +Impact Hub platform.

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As we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in media and impact, we invite you to engage with our initiatives and help us shape a more sustainable and responsive world. Your involvement is crucial as we strive to turn compelling narratives into measurable actions that benefit our communities and our planet.

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